Leveraging Facebook To Build Your Business

“How To Instantly Create An Irresistible Brand, Gain Massive Influence, And Attract New Customers From Facebook FAST…” 


A Little Bit About Me & How I Can Help You 
Finally Achieve Success on Facebook

My name is Michelle Pescosolido, founder of the Social Media Branding Academy, and co-founder of Pescosolido Marketing LLC... 

If you’re anything like I was starting out in this business... You may be feeling a bit confused, lost, overwhelmed and flat out frustrated right now.

Bill (the awesome guy in the picture aka husband) & I are thankful you found this page and we are committed to helping you along with other home based business owners achieve clarity & understanding on what it truly takes to build a successful online business using Facebook. 

So Let Me Ask You, Have You Ever Wondered…

-What magic successful marketers posses that normal people don’t?

- What secret knowledge do they hold that gives them the ability to generate leads at a push of a button?

- What skills do they have that allows them to print money on demand? 

I know I did when I first started out therefore, whether you are a network marketer, affiliate marketer, insurance agent, mortgage broker, real estate agent, coach, author, speaker, brick and mortar business, you own your own product you are probably here because you are wondering if it’s possible to actually leverage Facebook to build your business. 

Or maybe you have used Facebook in the past and have had some not so good results. 

Or….You lost money, your valuable time and you just haven’t been able to crack the code. 

Perhaps you are here because you want to learn how Bill and I & other top marketers are using Facebook to build profitable businesses online using Facebook.

Whatever the case may be you are in the right place at the right time because I am going to discuss exactly how you can instantly create an irresistible brand, gain massive influence, and attract new customers from Facebook, fast… without fear of losing money or getting your account shut down.

If you are anything like I was in the beginning and you are on information overload, frustrated & confused. 

You don’t know where to turn to get quality, truthful information. 

I Want to End Your Search Today, Right Here on This Page.

Because…I have discovered a simple formula that can help you instantly create an irresistible brand, gain massive influence, and attract new customers from Facebook FAST…

Listen if I can do this successfully so can you!

You see, back in 2010, I was struggling to build my business too.

  • I had about $1 a day to spend in marketing
  • check
    I was a beginner with no credibility
  • check
    I didn't even have marketing skills
  • check
    I was overwhelmed, lost and confused
  • I had no list of subscribers
  • I had no fans on my Facebook fan page

You see back in 2010, I was a broke single mom of two kids. I had just graduated from college with a double degree in psychology and child development. 

After graduation I started hitting the streets looking for a job so I could put those expensive degrees to work for me. 

I just assumed when I went back to college in my 30's that would be enough to get me full time decent paying job in my field. 

Boy was I ever wrong.

I realized after going through countless job interviews that my credentials were worth about $10.00 an hour. Babysitters were getting paid more than me! 

Not to mention I could be easily replaced by someone with more experience, and honestly I was never ever going to get paid what I was worth. 

Oh but wait…I could work really hard for a few years and get a $1.00 more in hourly wage. 

That’s when I realized I had to find an alternative. Making $10.00 an hour, working long hours, getting kicked & bit by children and not being able to be a stay at home mom for my kids was killing me. Simply put, it was exhausting. 

That’s when I found network marketing through a friend and was blown away with the possibilities of the business model. 

I started off by listening to exactly what my upline instructed me to do. Make a list of my friends, my family and pitch them on my products and opportunity. Invite them to the conference calls and they would do all the selling for me. Invite them to hotel meetings and they would do the selling for me. Just get butts in the seats. 

Oh and when you run out of friends and family start pitching anyone one who is within 3 feet of you. 

Now for those of you in network marketing maybe you can relate and your upline has said the same things. 

Well for me that lasted about two months before I lost contact with all my friends and family for fear that I was going to pitch them again on my next big product or opportunity. I even went on Facebook and started pitching all my old school friends. 

Again…. that didn’t last long before they started deleting me.

Fast Forward To Today Bill & I…

  • Have built multiple 6 & 7 figure businesses online using Facebook
  • We have over 400,000 loyal fans on our Facebook Fan pages and still growing by 100-200 a likes a day
  • We are international speakers and trainers within our marketplace
  • check
    We've generated over 180K leads profitablyWe went from $0 to $10,000 a month in just 6 months when we started out online using Facebook and now our business has grown to over $4 million in sales since it's inception.
  • check
    We are also well known top affiliate marketers in several programs that we promote

Would you like to get results like these? 

Well it’s more than possible when you have someone like Bill and I on your side helping you achieve success.


“Ever since I started marketing online in 2012, Michelle has been my 'go to gal' for Facebook marketing advice. Her ability to stay ahead of the curve with the constant changes inside of Facebook is exactly why she's considered one of the top marketers inside our niche for Facebook Marketing. However, what I appreciate the most about Michelle is her ability to teach others her methods through her training courses. With Michelle's guidance we've been able to create an active Facebook fan base of over 50,000 and generate leads for as little as $0.44 per lead. If you're looking for a course that helps you cut light years off your learning curve with Facebook Marketing, get Michelle's course. "

Kate McShea OnlineLeadershipPro

Here's What Most People Struggle With...

  • Creating Effective High Converting Ad Copy
  • Creating a Target Audience Within the Ad Manager
  • Choosing the Right Bidding For Your Objective / Goals
  • check
    Too Many Options Inside the Ad Manager Which Leads To Overwhelm
  • check
    Creating High Engagement
  • check
    Generating Sales
  • check
    Generating Quality Leads
  • check
    Creating a Profitable Brand

All Those Struggles Are Real But The Truth Is...

  • You need a step by step proven blueprint that takes you from A to Z to building a successful business online using Facebook.
  • Everything from creating a Facebook fan page, getting fans, engagement strategies, all the way to advanced ad strategies to get you more leads and sales.
  • You can be successful at Facebook but you must have the entire proven action plan in place for all moving parts to work together properly.

Here's Why a Proven A to Z Blueprint is So Important

In order for A to work you must also have B & C in place. 

In order for D to work you must have S & T in place. 

May sound silly but think of it this way. Your car runs on several different systems and processes. 

Without one system or process working your entire car is at risk of breaking down. 

Everything in the car from A to Z must be functioning in order to have an effective well oiled machine. 

The same holds true for marketing your business on Facebook. All strategies must be implemented from A to Z in order to be successful. 

So What's The Solution?



What is the Social Media Branding Academy 2.0?

It's The First & Only Foolproof A-Z Survival Guide Created Specifically To Help You:

  • Get almost immediate resultsBuild an irresistible brand
  • check
    Gain massive influence
  • check
    Gain credibility
  • check
    Increase your engagement
  • check
    Attract and generate leads
  • check
    Gain customers FAST
  • check
    Stay out of Facebook Jail
  • check
    Create LEVERAGE & automation

More importantly you are getting our exact process that has allowed us to build multiple successful 6 & 7 figure businesses on Facebook. 

I leave nothing back. Why?

Because there is no other course out there that takes the time to teach you everything you need from building a solid foundation for your business to advanced strategies that will create a long term sustainable business.

What Will You Get When Your Join Social Media Branding Academy 2.0

  • Access to All Social Media Branding Academy 2.0 Video Modules
  • check
    Each of the Modules Are Step by Step Instructions
  • check
    Strategies That Work and Won't Get Your Account Shutdown
  • check
    Private Member's Only Mastermind Facebook Group
  • check
    Commitment From Bill & I That As Things Change on Facebook We Will Always Update the Course

20 Modules With Options of More!


Module 1

Why Branding Is So Important


Module 2

Defining Customer Avatar


Module 3

 Creating a Facebook Fan Page


Module 4

Setting Up Fan Page / Settings Tutorial


Module 5

 Facebook Fan Page Navigation


Module 6

Understanding the Insights Panel


Module 7

How to Post & What to Post On Facebook


Module 8

Business Manager Set Up


Module 9

Getting Fan & Creating a Likes Ad


Module 10

Engagement Strategies & Ads


Module 11

Facebook Lives & Scheduling


Module 12

Creating Videos That Sell


Module 13

P.A.E.S Formula For Posts & Ad Copy


Module 14

Installing & Creating Pixels


Module 15

Installing & Creating Pixels


Module 16

How to Create Conversion Ads


Module 17

How to Create Lead Ads


Module 18

Creating Custom Audiences


Module 19

Putting Everything Together


Module 20

Course Resources


More to Come!


Spend the next 30 days committing to your new found training and if you’re not completely satisfied…If you’re not finally getting results more than ever before or maybe you are just flat out unhappy with what I teach you or if for any reason, you’re not completely blown away by how incredibly powerful this course is for you…

Then simply let me know and I’ll refund your money. It’s as simple as that…

Norbert Orlewicz

Mentor and Business Owner

"Let's face it, Facebook advertising is a challenge for most marketers. You simply can't afford to go it alone and try to figure it out yourself. When I have questions about Facebook there is only one person I go to and that is Michelle. Her training and guidance is responsible for all of my results with Facebook Ads. Not only is she a proven and experienced marketer but she is constantly on the cutting edge of the latest shifts and changes in the marketplace. If you want results with your Facebook advertising you need to be learning from Michelle."

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You Might Still Be Wondering If Social Media Branding Academy Right For You? If You Are A...

  • Network marketer
  • Affiliate marketer
  • Information marketer
  • Service provider
  • Author, speaker, coach, trainer
  • Brick & Mortar business

  • Mortgage broker
  • Band
  • Insurance agent
  • Broker
  • Someone who wants fast results
  • Someone who has had ads disapproved

Let Me Ask You...
How Much is Mastering This Skill Worth to You?

Is it worth it to you to get raving fans, get more leads and make more sales? 

How about finally being able to afford that dream home? 

Spend more time with your family? 

Travel to exotic locations? 

Earn a healthy 6 to 7 figure income right from the comfort of your home?

Absolutely it is. And I am so confident that you will get results like this from my course that I have offered a money back guarantee. 

Isn't it time you broke free of the chains and finally started moving your business forward?

Say YES and take action today! Join us inside Social Media Branding Academy 2.0 today by clicking on the buy now button on this page and I will see you in the member's area. 

I Got 1 Sale Immediately!

"After implementing Michelle's strategies within the next day I got 1 sale! Immediately I took the same method with another offer, and within 5 hours I had 4 sales! Michelle, thank you so much: It's the best thing I've ever learned to get results!"

Ernest Lim

So Grateful For This Course!

“Kayla & I wanted to say how grateful we are for Michelle & Bill’s training, we have only been online 15 months and had heard all the scary stories about Facebook marketing how it doesn't work & there is no point, but we met Michelle & Bill in Costa Rica 12 months ago and the way Michelle explained it in her training made it so simple and by the end of the training we thought is that it?? She makes it so simple and to date we have made $127,568 off Facebook and that is purely from doing exactly what she told us to do, Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Scott and Kayla Smith

I Am Seeing an Increase in Sales!

Before taking your course on Facebook Advertising, I had no idea how to grow a highly engaged audience on Facebook. Since taking your course, in 3 weeks time I was able to grow a custom audience to my blog to over 950 people and I am able to average 23 likes/day on my FB FanPage on a $10/day with a cost of $0.56/like and dropping each day. Best part is, I am now seeing increased leads and sales because I can target an audience who loves my content. Thanks Michelle!

Lisa Thompson

Michelle Makes It Fail Proof!

“Bill and Michelle, thanks to you two, I am here at the day job for the past couple hours, but only 1/2 awake! I finally forced myself to go to bed at 4:00 a.m. (right now it's 10:30 where I am) The first two modules have helped me accomplish what I have been trying to accomplish for the last two years at least, ie understand how to brand myself and be able to identify my avatar in a meaningful way. I can't believe that so many other training products get it so wrong and make it so complicated (what is my why? where is my who?). Michelle made it dead simple and failure proof: *Lead with your passion.* Thank you!”

Mary Payton

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